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We produce and export livestock and beef/lamb of first quality.
More than fifty years of history, mixing tradition and innovation in the production.


All the actions and decisions that we make, marking this way a distinguished line of exceptional quality. We have the goal of:

• Ensuring that animals grow without stress in our farms while receiving the best care.
• Inspiring confidence, security and peace of mind to the customer.


In order to achieve the highest quality and sustainability, we define our framework with targets according to:

People: in order to achieve a pleasant working environment with a motivated team.
Suppliers: we promote extensive livestock farming throughout several agreements with different farmers that provide us with animals of the most excellent quality.
The planet:we are a company that is extremely concerned about our shared environment. And this is why we normally reuse resources and we always respect them.
Traceability:the consumer can always know the path and the different factors that involve the product that he is acquiring.


We have more than 50 years expertise as farmers and we keep sharing passion, sacrifice, and a lot of effort, while maintaining our same values generation after generation. And we do not, under any circumstances set aside added values such as our distinguished quality, collaboration and integrity.

The excellence,our day to day.

Fifty years ago, at the end of 1960, Ruigan was created motivated by values such as the will, the effort and the perseverance. And we keep trying to show these same values together with integrity and trust in our final product. We achieve so creating a prototype of animals distinguished by their high quality and our demanding health standards during their stay at our farmyards, with the aim of creating a real value for our clients' list of costumers

We have one of the best farm in Europe, due to its amplitude and the system of artificial irrigation in the sheds that make a suitable enviroment in order to animal grow up free stressed. Our production is based on SPE, the hardest sanitary system around the world, for the purpose of getting fresh and healthy meat.

Our flexibility and productive capacity is our force, so that we customize our service to the customers, offering at all times a high quality products.

Currently, Ruigan has acquired a series of environmental commitments looking for sustainability and respect for the environment with a marked plan that provides an improvement in the utilization of energy resources without compromising future generations.

Ruigan on Castilla-la Mancha TV.

These days, our territory offers more than 30 % of Castilla-la Mancha production of livestock, being one of the most important areas in Spain.

This time we have repeated for a second successive year in the TV program "Ancha es Castilla", after the first appearance on 2015. A year later, we have transmitted our passion, the know-how and proffesionalism since our farms, alongside our qualified staff.


Sun´s tons, a naturally food and liters of special water are the principal ingredients in order to achieve
the best beef meat. A innovative vission that combines tradition and technological innovation.

By this way we ensure ourselves that you receive a natural and exquisite meat,
which give you enough protein contents and vitamins.
This has been, is, and will be our obligation with you. Our best achievement is your satisfaction.